Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Fake Rocks By DekoRRa Offer Hiding Power For Cable Boxes And Other Utilities!

The new Model 117 line of fake rocks was developed to fill the gap between the Model 116 backflow enclosure rock and the larger, rounder and pricier Model 103 which is classified as more of a faux boulder than a rock.

Fake Rocks Model 117
The new 117 offers the trademark DekoRRa textures and colors that look incredibly natural and totally realistic.  The rectangular shape offers a decent amount of interior space from the base all the way up to the top.  This makes this ideal for hiding a wide variety of objects in the yard and garden.

Cable TV boxes have always been an issue because the DekoRRa Model 116 and 102 are both too small and the larger 103 is usually seen as overkill for a cable box.  The new Model 117 slides right in and saves the day with the perfect shape and stature to hide ugly utilities and blend in perfectly with the surroundings.