Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fake Rocks On Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas on how to use fake rocks for landscaping, gardening and hiding ugly utilities in your yard. It's always neat seeing how creative people can get in experimenting with different ways to use the DekoRRa rock enclosures.

We've seen some uses that are pretty far fetched. One customer made a turkey hunting blind out of a large size artificial boulder. Unfortunately he was never able to use it because a bear got inside and chewed it to pieces. Sorry but as durable as these artificial rocks are they can't withstand bear attacks!

Dog houses are another popular use. Customers cut arches on one side of the DekoRRa Model 103 and it makes a perfect igloo style dog house. Choose the Pro-R insulated version to keep Fido warm inside.

We even had a Model 104 used as a prop on a parade float for a mermaid to perch on. Creative to say the least!

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Big Fake Rocks For Big (Ugly) Electrical Boxes

If you're a home owner there's a good chance you're familiar with the big green ugly electrical utility boxes the power companies place in the yard. For easy access many of these electrical boxes are placed in the front yard out near the road where they are easy to find and easily visible.

Many of these utility boxes are installed on concrete pads to keep them raised off the ground a couple of inches. This can make the footprint at the bottom several inches wider and longer than what's up near the top.

Covering a electrical utility box requires fake rocks that are tall enough and not overly rounded up near the top where extensive interior space is often needed to fully enclose the rectangular shape of the electrical utility box.

It's important you measure the length and width of the electrical box at the bottom and also up at the top. In many cases the length and width will be identical at the top and bottom, but make sure to include the dimensions of the concrete pad at the base if your intention is to have it covered.

Choosing fake rocks to cover these large electrical boxes boils down to 2 DekoRRa Mock Rock Models: The 104 and larger 114. Both offer a squarish or rectangular profile which creates ample interior room for most types of electrical utility boxes.

Should I buy the DekoRRa Model 104 or Model 114 to cover my electrical box?

Usually it's the height of the utility box that determines which DekoRRa Mock Rock is needed. The 104 Model is more or less maxxed out at the 35 inch high mark. If the electrical box extends beyond 35 inches in height it's time to look at the larger and taller Model 114 as your only option.

Sometimes the shorter DekoRRa Model 104 can be "boosted" by building up mulch, stone or soil under the base of the rock cover. Remember, all of these fake rocks have more interior room available closer to the bottom vs up near the top. By making the rock sit higher by placing mulch, soil or rock under its base you'll be creating more useable interior space inside of the enclosure.

It's also important to consider venting when covering an electrical utility box. Air flow is important to prevent the components withing the utility box from over heating and becoming damaged. Vents are easy to add to your fake rock order using the drop down menus next to the add to cart button. The vents will be painted to match the desired rock color and installed prior to packaging the rock for shipment.

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Fake Rocks Q And A

Wondering which fake rocks are best for your lawn or garden project? We've put together a fake rocks questions and answers page to help make things easier for you.

While many customers focus on color selection as the main issue when selecting fake rock covers, the real concern should be sizing. We get very few product returns here at Rocksfast. And 95% of the returns we do get are sizing related issues. It's almost always "This rock is too small and won't cover my septic tank." Or "I need to exchange this for the next size larger rock."

How to use fake rocksIt's imperative you measure the object you intend to cover prior to ordering any mock rock. Careful measurements detailing the exact length and width at the bottom and at the top, in addition to the overall height. If you look at the different mock rock models you'll notice the majority of them become smaller with height. This translates to less and less available interior space inside the rock up near the top vs down low at the base.

In some cases a faux rock cover that is too small can be adjusted to fit. Say you flip a fake rock over your septic tank and it wears it like a baseball cap. There's a 3 or 4 inch gap at the bottom. The rock is too small.

A fast and easy solution is to mound up some stone, soil or mulch around the base of the septic tank to boost the rock up a bit. It's a quick fix that can work wonders when covering septics, wells, irrigation valves, backflows, vents, utility boxes and more.

When it's all said and done, the fastest and easiest way to select the perfect fake rock for your project is to pin the dirty work on us! Simply enter the dimensions of the object you need to cover in the form on this page and we will email you a list of DekoRRa Mock Rocks guaranteed to fit.



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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Best Fake Rock Well Covers For Your Yard

Fake Rock Well EnclosuresPractically anyone living out in the country or in the suburbs who doesn't have city water is going to have a private water well. These modern marvels are bored deep into the earth where fresh water can be pumped up and into a home through a pressurized system that provides fresh water whenever a faucet is turned on.

It's a wonderful thing indeed!

What's not so wonderful, however, is the ugly metal water well riser that sticks up from the ground. Some extend only a few inches while many can rise up several feet above the ground. Tall rusty metal pillars of curb appeal killing ugliness that home owners are forced to look at day in and day out.

Luckily, DekoRRa has introduced some fake rock covers that are specifically designed to fit over a wide variety of water well risers and caps. Here's a quick rundown of the best options currently available.

- DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 101: Designed with a rounded boulder shape, the 101 model is best suited for water well risers under 16 inches tall. While the rounded boulder shape helps it blend in to a wide variety of landscaping variations it also eats up a lot of interior space.

- DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 102: This is probably the most popular option for home owners looking to hide ugly water well risers. The 102 features a nice balance of rounded edges with a taller and slightly smaller footprint than the 101 model. Because the 102 is taller, it can handle water wells up to 24" in height.

- DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 107: The less expensive of the bunch, the 107 is capable of covering water wells up to 18" in height. For penny pinchers looking for a quick fix the 107 can be a great option.

DekoRRa Mock Rock Cover Model 113: With it's monumental stature, the 113 is capable of covering tall wells up to 32" in height. The squared shape isn't the most realistic choice, but it's ideal for mounting an address plaque to.

Regardless of which DekoRRa fake rock cover you decide on you can rest assured that the texture and colors will be extremely realistic. Let's face it, covering a water well with a fake rock that looks like a plastic blob isn't going to win you any curb appeal points. Going the DekoRRa route may cost a bit more, but the end result is a fake rock that not only looks real, but is built to stay that way!

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