Friday, April 14, 2017

Fake Rocks Q And A

Wondering which fake rocks are best for your lawn or garden project? We've put together a fake rocks questions and answers page to help make things easier for you.

While many customers focus on color selection as the main issue when selecting fake rock covers, the real concern should be sizing. We get very few product returns here at Rocksfast. And 95% of the returns we do get are sizing related issues. It's almost always "This rock is too small and won't cover my septic tank." Or "I need to exchange this for the next size larger rock."

How to use fake rocksIt's imperative you measure the object you intend to cover prior to ordering any mock rock. Careful measurements detailing the exact length and width at the bottom and at the top, in addition to the overall height. If you look at the different mock rock models you'll notice the majority of them become smaller with height. This translates to less and less available interior space inside the rock up near the top vs down low at the base.

In some cases a faux rock cover that is too small can be adjusted to fit. Say you flip a fake rock over your septic tank and it wears it like a baseball cap. There's a 3 or 4 inch gap at the bottom. The rock is too small.

A fast and easy solution is to mound up some stone, soil or mulch around the base of the septic tank to boost the rock up a bit. It's a quick fix that can work wonders when covering septics, wells, irrigation valves, backflows, vents, utility boxes and more.

When it's all said and done, the fastest and easiest way to select the perfect fake rock for your project is to pin the dirty work on us! Simply enter the dimensions of the object you need to cover in the form on this page and we will email you a list of DekoRRa Mock Rocks guaranteed to fit.



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