Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fast And Easy Decorative Well Covers

Water well risers, those ugly metal pipes that stick up from the ground a foot or two, home owners are always after fast and easy ways to make them go away.  Make them disappear and blend into the surrounding flora.

The main problem, however, is by design you can't really go too nuts in hiding them on the off chance that something may go wrong with the well pump at some juncture and require lots of access and digging in the area.  Imagine investing lots of time and money in flowers, shrubs and bushes placed strategically to shield the water well from view, only to have the plumber come and have to dig it all up and destroy it all in order to access the well pump.  Not cool!

Bird baths are another option.  Some have hollow bases that can be slipped over the well cap to hide the entire thing.  But then there's the question of sanitation.  Is it wise to have bird guano and dirty bath water filtering down in the area where your water well is?  Probably not.

Probably the best alternative is a fake rock decorative well cover.  These are easy to place, lightweight, can be easily removed, and can add a lot of character and actually enhance the landscaping around your home.  The key is to find one that is the right size.  Be sure to use the interior dimension charts for whatever DekoRRa rock models you are considering and you should be fine.

How to choose the right size is always the biggest question (tips at this website). And there's always confusion because people tend to use the exterior dimensions, which do not accurately reflect the interior size of the rock enclosure.