Friday, October 28, 2016

Fake Rocks By DekoRRa

Fake rocks and fake rock covers made by DekoRRa are considered some of the best models currently available for landscaping and residential and commercial applications. DekoRRa designs their fake rocks with particular applications in mind, making them the ideal solution for a wide variety of uses. See the complete line of DekoRRa fake rocks for sale here.

Decorative Fake Rocks For Well Covers

Fake Rock CoversMany home owners are faced with the problem of having an exposed water well riser or well cap in the front or back yard. These utilities are common throughout the U.S., and are infamous for their uncanny ability to distract from front yard landscaping and the natural setting in ones yard or garden areas. Water well risers and caps are permanent, and cannot easily be moved by a home owner to a more desire-able and less visible location without moving the entire water well which is an extremely costly proposition.

DekoRRa's fake rocks for sale best suited for covering exposed water wells are models 101, 102, and 107. These models are available in 4 natural colors with realistic faux rock texturing molded into the side walls. Using them is fast and easy, simply place them over the exposed water well and pin down the edges with the included ground stakes.

Why Are DekoRRa Fake Rocks The Best Choice?

DekoRRa manufacturers their fake rocks using a patented resin molding process called "Real Rock." Each artificial rock is heat molded of a resin material infused with U.V. protection, colorant, and flakes of organic material which combines to produce an incredibly realistic and gritty rock like texture. The "Real-Rock" manufacturing process is ideal because the end product is all one molded piece. Nothing is sprayed or painted on. This zero maintenance design is ultra durable, and will never require any painting or refinishing. From harsh freeze-thaw cycles to baking sun and 100 degree heat, DekoRRa fake rocks are built for long term performance.

Can DekoRRa Fake Rocks Be Used For Landscaping?

Yes, while the hollow design is ideal for covering and hiding utilities in the yard or garden, the DekoRRa fake rock covers can be used for any application where natural and realistic faux rocks and boulders are desired. The light weight design makes them extremely easy to use, and one person can easily lift the rocks to move them.

Will DekoRRa Artificial Rocks Cover Septics?

Yes, the DekoRRa Model 103, 111, and 112 are ideal for use as decorative septic covers. Home owners with concrete septic risers and the newer green plastic septic and sewer caps can use DekoRRa faux rocks to cover and hide the exposed septic tanks quickly and easily. It's important to consider venting the rocks when used for septic applications.

Will The Wind Blow Them Away?

No, DekoRRa's unique flanging system provides protection from the wind. Flanges are molded in to the bottom edges of each fake landscaping rock. Included ground stakes are pounded through holes in the flanges to pin the rock down to the ground and provide protection from the wind and from tampering. Concrete anchors can be used instead of the ground stakes in applications where the rock cover is being fastened to a concrete pad or hard surface.

Can These Fake Rocks Be Used As Props?

Yes, the realistic texture and rock like colors make these ideal for use as stage props, on production sets, and other applications. The light weight design makes them easy to move around as prop rocks, and the durable finish keeps the prop rocks looking great even if they are bashed around in storage.


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